SECRE’s goal is to develop a service, consisting
consultation, training and advisory components, for social
enterprises in the renewable energy sector.

Case studies

Developing and applying a case study protocol in 20 cases of successful community renewable energy systems and solutions in Europe. Case-studies of existing renewable energy demonstration sites will be carried out, including detailed analyses from the perspectives of social enterprises and business models.

Knowledge base

Designing the renewable energy knowledge base that will form the basis of the SECRE service. The knowledge base will contain data obtained and analyzed from the other work packages and from the interest groups.


Building on the work of the Northern Periphery Programme cluster. In this work package SECRE network is communicating with local, regional, national and EU policy makers about the potential for social enterprises in community renewable energy, to help meet policy targets.

Service development

Working on production of services and marketing services for businesses. The core of the service will be renewable energy expertise and business consulting for social enterprises. SECRE will bring out the potential of communities and social economy by creating business models for rural community energy production.