September Partner Meeting

3rd and 4th of September Partner Meeting in Ísafjörður, Iceland Visits on local renewable energy sites and social enterprises.

Social Enterprise Day in Joensuu

Social Enterprise Day offers training for business advisors and wide range of examples in social enterprises. The event is organized by SECRE in co-operation with Finnish Association of Work, Social Enterprise Living Lab project and Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK.

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Programme in Finnish

The Karelia Exhibition in Joensuu

SECRE participated in the Karelia Exhibition in Joensuu beginning of June 2012. The Karelia Exhibition is the most popular local event and it is organized every fourth year in Joensuu Arena. There visited over 16 000 people during three days.

SECRE shared the exhibition stand with other projects of North Karelia University of Applied Sciences and University of Eastern Finland. The aim of participation was to promote project for local people and future stakeholders.

SECRE Kick-Off Meeting

The first SECRE meeting was held in stunning surroundings in Sogndal, in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Meeting hosts ensured by the program that the trip was memorable and the bar was set high for the future partner meetings. SECRE partners gathered to Fosshaugane Campus on 12th of October for the kick-off meeting. Mr Georg Arnestad, research coordinator at Sogndal og Fjordane University College, welcomed and introduced the partners to Sogndal and Sogndal og Fjordane University College.

Meeting started officially with the partner introductions and presentations. After this the purpose, goals and challenges of the project was discussed. SECRE differs from other bioenergy projects in several ways, for example SECRE will collect and refine the results and knowledge of previous NPP projects. There will be lot of quantitative data to handle but also qualitative data from all partner countries, and that’s what makes SECRE so unique. The meaning of the term social enterprise is commonly controversial and thus it is one of the keystones in the project. It is crucial for SECRE to understand the used terms and definitions especially because of the culture differences and great amount of qualitative data. Project results will be translated to each partner language. The project is divided into five work packages and during the meeting the work packages were presented by the work package leaders.

After the first meeting day participants were taken to tour to the nearby village Kaupanger. In Kaupanger participants had chance to see the local hydro-electric power plant and get to know some of the history, like in the 12th century built stave church.

Partners saw breath-taking views during the two-hour bus trip to the city called Eid, where the second day of the meeting was held on 13th of October. From SECRE’s point of view, Eid represents an example of the community where the bioenergy utilization have created business and vice versa. Places to visit were Eid high school, Opera Huset and Fjord heat plant. The meeting continued in Luster Community with going through the rest of the work packages.

All in all, meetings were mainly describing the project ensemble, clarifying and deepening the information represented in the application and going through the work packages. The kick-off was successful and SECRE got its worthy starting place. Sogndal and Eid gave us a glimpse, what is possible to achieve via determined cooperation in community.



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Poster Exhibition in World Bioenergy 2012

SECRE poster was presented in World Bioenergy 2012.

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