Social Enterprises in Community Renewable Energy

SECRE is an international project, which aims to build a functional and collaborative scheme to preserve the vitality of peripheries by using self-sustainable energy solutions.

SECRE in a nutshell

What is our mission?

To increase wellbeing in remote and sparsely populated areas by promoting renewable energy and self-sufficiency in energy production.

How do we do it?

We inspire individuals and communities by sharing our expertise in renewable energy production and social businesses. For your benefit we conduct research and benchmark best practices and build bridges between different stakeholders.

Why do we do it?

Fostering the economic and social development of rural areas will impact the development in the national scale.

Who benefits from it?

Renewable energy and self-sufficiency in energy production can enhance employment and social capital from both individual and community perspective. Development in the peripheral areas will reflect various forms of capital to the whole society.

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The use of renewable and sustainable energy can create new businesses and help solving the local and global problems. There are various ways to enhance communities’ welfare in rural areas.

Explore the dreams and find your way:

Innovation West Regional Authority

Joensuu • Varkaus • Belfast • Coleraine • Galway Rousay, Orkney Islands • Stornoway • Umeå • Sogndal • Ísafjörður

SECRE’s goal is to develop a service, consisting consultation, training and advisory components, for social enterprises in the renewable energy sector.

Target area

Northern Periphery, rural communities

Lead partner

Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland 12 partner organizations from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Iceland


01.08.2011 – 31.03.2014


2.19 M€

Funded by Northern Periphery Programme